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Nooga Law Launches New Online TV Show For Chattanoogans

The Davis Law Firm, based in Chattanooga, is proud to sponsor a new weekly online TV show for the residents of Chattanooga. “I wanted to do something to help the community,” explained Davis Firm founding partner, Scott Davis. “I’m excited...

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Lyft Taking Human Judgment Out of Safety Decision

Lyft and other rideshare services have faced scrutiny over the policies they have in place to protect riders. A recent change to Lyft’s policy for evaluating alleged safety violations is putting the decision-making into the hands of an automated system...

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Davis Firm, LLC COVID-19 Update

You Don’t Need to Leave the House to Meet with Our Lawyers. Concerned About Coronavirus? We all have a duty to keep ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our communities safe right now. This means temporarily reshaping the way we...

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6 Reasons Your Car Insurer Is Probably A Vampire

If it feels like your car insurer is a vampire, there’s a good reason why. It’s probably true. In all likelihood, your car insurer IS a vampire. It’s just the balance of probabilities. We don’t mean your friendly, local agent....

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People Who Drive This Car Are Most Likely To Have Speeding Tickets

Certain Cars Are More Likely to Get Stopped for Speeding, Study Says For years, people have assumed that they know who gets the most speeding tickets. Red cars are ticketed more. Drivers of sports cars get the most tickets. Or...

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Is It Illegal To Brake Check A Tailgater?

All drivers have felt irritated with another driver at some point, especially if they’re being tailgated. Drivers who get too close to the car in front of them are at a particularly high risk of causing a rear-end accident, which...

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