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30 Sep 2020

By Davis Firm, LLC

In Personal Injury

Getting legal help quickly after an accident is definitely a smart move — but only if victims find the right personal injury lawyer. But despite their best efforts, sometimes people find they’ve hired the wrong attorney and aren’t sure what their options are.

You have the right to fire your lawyer at any time during the representation. There are various circumstances that may prompt you to end the attorney-client relationship. After multiple phone calls, perhaps you’ve gotten no response. Maybe you’re concerned that the lawyer isn’t working in your best interests. The bottom line is that ultimately, you are always in control of your case.

How Often Should I Hear from My Personal Injury Lawyer?

There’s no standard time interval for lawyers to update their clients or respond to their phone calls or emails. The American Bar Association says that when a client asks for reasonable information, the lawyer is required to promptly comply. However, “promptly” is not defined with any sort of deadline.

Ask the lawyer about his or her policy for communicating with clients during the initial consultation. If the attorney is consistently not following the policy as it was outlined, it may be time to move on.

What Should I Do If My Lawyer Won’t Return My Calls?

Failing to communicate with clients is one of the biggest complaints clients make. If your lawyer is otherwise competent, try to discuss your concerns and come up with a solution to get back on track.

Start by leaving a message with an assistant or paralegal, asking for an update on the status of your case. Explain that you would like to speak directly with your attorney. Next, try e-mail, which may give you some confidence that your case is not being overlooked.

Can I Fire My Injury Lawyer in Tennessee?

Yes, you have the right to fire your lawyer at any time for any reason. But it’s not a decision to make lightly. If you’re in the middle of charged negotiations with an insurance company, changing lawyers could cause delays as the new lawyer gets up to speed. However, if you suspect your current lawyer is neglecting the case or is behaving unethically, do not hesitate to end the relationship.

Will I Have to Pay My Lawyer If I Fire Them?

You do not have to pay your lawyer for work that’s already been done. In most instances, the two lawyers split the contingent fee in your case based on who performed the most work.

How to Hire a New Lawyer in Chattanooga, TN

Before you interview a potential new lawyer, write a list of what is most important to you in the representation. This can help frame the questions that you will ask the attorney so that you get someone whose work habits match your goals.

It’s wise to retain your new lawyer before firing the existing one. During your consultation with the new attorney, make sure to ask questions about how changing lawyers could impact your case.

How Can Davis Firm, LLC Help Me?

Your personal injury case is your one shot at full and fair compensation. Once it’s resolved, you can never go back and get more money. It’s essential for you to have confidence in your attorney’s dedication to securing the best possible results in your case.

The Chattanooga personal injury lawyers at Davis Firm, LLC are committed to responsive, compassionate legal services for each and every client. If you have fired your personal injury attorney and are looking for a new lawyer, contact us for a free consultation.