The attorneys at Fleissner, Davis and Johnson carry on the tradition of excellence first exemplified by the firm’s founder, Phillip A. Fleissner, over 40 years ago. Phil built this firm based on principles not always associated with the practice of law – honor, integrity, and loyalty. He then recruited attorneys possessing those same principles along with the unwavering work ethic that he himself possessed. The lawyers at Fleissner, Davis and Johnson proudly maintain the traditions and high levels of service set by our deeply respected, founding partner and friend.

Phil Fleissner was a loving husband, father and grandfather who succumbed to cancer on January 2, 2006. To say that he left an indelible mark on the firm he founded is but to realize that the English language can only say so much. Phil taught by example and he never failed to pass along his teachings to those of us who carry his torch. Whether teaching zealous representation, intelligent decision-making, legal authority awareness, ethics, problem-solving and resolution, or a plethora of other matters, Phil stressed the need for first class representation while maintaining genteel behavior in all interactions. FDJ shall never stray from those principles.

Phil co-authored the authoritative text on Tennessee automobile insurance. To say that Phil enjoyed this work is to say that a loving parent loves discipline – it need be done, although occasionally it shall be unpleasant. Nothing more need be said.

Phil was a man found worthy of the utmost accolades by all who encountered him. He possessed an unending vocabulary, a superior intellect, a tireless work ethic, an appreciation of authorized (and unauthorized) mirth, and, above all, a great big heart. Phil was often called upon as an expert in numerous settings on multiple legal issues. He held a virtually unparalleled grasp of the most complex legal issues in tort law, insurance, class actions, insurance coverage, and contract disputes, to name a few. He is, and shall forever be, missed but he left an indelible mark on those who were fortunate enough to practice law with and against him.