Business Services

Our attorneys provide a broad range of services to our business clients, from start-ups to long-established companies. We advise our business clients regarding formation and operation of businesses on a variety of matters including corporate structure, reorganization, purchase and sale of assets, financing, buy-sell arrangements, employment matters, contracts, and other key aspects of the management and operation of businesses. Our business clients include a broad range of industries from entertainment, to health care, to sales, to trucking, and to manufacturing. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ businesses and how they make money. We strive to provide services that do more than simply answer a legal question, but involve fitting that answer into the client’s bigger picture. In providing our business services, we often work closely with our clients’ other trusted financial and accounting advisors.

Sometimes our business services include counseling on lawsuits, whether filed by or against our clients. When that occurs, we rely on our seasoned litigators to resolve those disputes.